When I began my teaching career in 1991 I was so excited to make a difference in my students’ lives. As a new teacher, I was excited to teach third grade and fully anticipated my students to be just as excited to have fun learning.

And they did…until I pulled out the required textbooks.

I quickly discovered that learning math in a fun, experiential way is necessary!

It became a personal goal to become a better math teacher and teach kids that learning math could be fun. That’s when I designed after school math clubs filled with hands-on, engaging experiences. Students conducted investigations, worked collaboratively to solve problems, played fun games, and wrestled with logic and number puzzles.

The results? The students were having a great time learning!

This is what I know for sure -

  • Students thrive best in a safe, accepting community where they are supported and understood.
  • Students want to be engaged in material that piques their interest and curiosity.
  • Students desire to experience success and see themselves as mathematicians.
  • Students appreciate learning tools so that they can solve any problems.
  • Students also want to laugh, connect and have fun.

The New Math Learning Paradigm

If all math lessons are taught in a fun and engaging way, students are more eager to learn.

When students feel connected and seen by their teacher and are engaged deeply with
interesting material, anything is possible.

The Reward

I have experienced measurable success using this approach. I feel incredibly proud of the hundreds of students I’ve helped, especially those with diverse learning challenges—ADHD (both inattentive, hyperactive and combined type), dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism, giftedness, anxiety, twice exceptional/2e and others.

It brings me profound joy to help all children and their caregivers become better friends with math.

Skills for Life

When children work with me, they leave with not only increased math understanding, but also skills for life.

An essential part of my work is growth mindset coaching, helping them to understand their brain better, and learn how to self-advocate.

My work is not just about teaching students, but also about supporting their families. It’s important for parents and caregivers to understand current teaching pedagogy and curriculum. So I provide resources for families to become more comfortable with math.

Sometimes I am a…

But always, I am an experienced, well researched educator who is passionate about building relationships and partnering with families where we all experience growth and transformation.